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Corona Plandemic

Posted on February 26, 2022
Tags: life, peace

This is a short statement on what I understand about Covid-19 and the current situation so that I can refer to it in other posts and don’t need to repeat myself. What I do, think and eventually write is heavily influenced by this understanding, as outlined futher below.

Also I want to set a counterpoint to the people that still publicly proclaim the official narrative.

On November 15th 2020 I already wrote an email to debian-private@ with the subject “Basic information about Corona in German” that referred to my information collection on that topic. Since then my understanding has refined but not fundamentally changed:

I’m happy to talk in detail about this topic and provide pointers. Right now a comprehensive overview is available at

Why is this relevant?

The internet in its current state is an instrument of control and suppression. This becomes especially obvious in the increase in censorship and the introduction of vaccine-passports which are planned to become universal passports for all aspects of our life.

Therefor I want to work on initiatives for a free internet for the people. Right now I think about the freedombox, distributed search engines, re-decentralization in general and especially a decentralized alternative to Wikipedia.