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Thank you Republika Srpska

Posted on May 27, 2024
Tags: debian, peace

In 2011 I went to my first DebConf and was very overwhelmed not only by DebConf, Debian and all the interesting sessions. I was also overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Republika Srpska. Our venue was the cultural center “Banski Dvor” in Banja Luka, “the most important cultural center of the city of Banja Luka and the Serb Republic”1.

We were accommodated across the street of the venue in the four star “Hotel Bosna”. The DebConf dinner was in a government building.

I learned, that in addition to the sponsorship of the venue and accommodation, the financial sponsorship was gracious enough that there was money left for the following DebConfs.

I remember this now, because the United Nations General Assembly voted on a resolution that might have very severe implications in the coming weeks for the Republika Srpska.

The matter is extremely tricky, complex and not a topic for Planet Debian.

I think it is the least I can do to thank my former hosts, to get myself informed about what is going on there.