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Chromium gtk-filechooser preview size

Posted on January 9, 2024

I wanted to report this issue in chromiums issue tracker, but it gave me:

“Something went wrong, please try again later.”

Ok, then at least let me reply to this askubuntu question. But my attempt to signup with my launchpad account gave me:

“Launchpad Login Failed. Please try logging in again.”

I refrain from commenting on this to not violate some code of conduct.

So this is what I wanted to write:

GTK file chooser image preview size should be configurable

The file chooser that appears when uploading a file (e.g. an image to Google Fotos) learned to show a preview in issue 15500.

The preview image size is hard coded to 256x512 in kPreviewWidth and kPreviewHeight in ui/gtk/

Please make the size configurable.

On high DPI screens the images are too small to be of much use.

Yes, I should not use chromium anymore.