Thomas Koch

Presentation Draft: Content Repository for a future CMS

Today I worked on the slides for a presentation about content management. Since my idea on dynamic database schemes are highly controversial I thought to put the slides online upfront. So I can collect comments beforehand and include them in the talk.

So have a look at the slides and please leave me your comments! Critique is very welcome!

The talk will be held presumably on monday, 18th of august in the YMC office. More information is available on the mailing list. If you live near Konstanz or Kreuzlingen come in!

Cebit talk online

I've been invited to give a talk at the LinuxPark at Cebit 2007 about "ERP in the post microsoft era". The slides and the video are online now. As I had problems seeing the video with the embedded realplayer, you may want to use the direct link to the stream.

I've proposed the same topic for the eliberatica conference in Brasov/Romania next month and have been accepted. I'm really excited to be listed below Rasmus Lerdorf or Aleksander Farstad.

The reason for my invitation isn't my novice knowledge of PHP or Open Source, but the combination with intensive experience with and in Romania. ist online

Unter ist jetzt meine Webseite für das ERP-System Online, an dem ich seit Monaten mitarbeite. Ich warte jetzt sehnsüchtig, dass die Seite auch in Google auftaucht.
Auf OpenBC waren schon ein paar Leute interessiert. Ein Mitarbeiter von IntarS hat mir sogar den Quelltext ihres ERP-Systems (als GPL!) zukommen lassen, damit ich mir ein Bild davon machen kann.