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eLiberatica summary

The real work starts after the conference: staying in contact, starting new projects. So here are my notes about eliberatica and what I've to do.

Thanks to Zak, Lucian and Agora for accepting me in the conference and giving me the opportunity of being part of this event!

The Company Intelligent Building Solutions wrote an interesting extension for XUL and they promissed to make it open source. I'll look forward to it!

I met Flavian Gradeanu, a law graduate who doesn't know programming, but is very interested in the ideas of open source. I promissed him to send some links about law and free software, which could be interesting for his career. frasinet_frate bei yahoo in com

Zitec seems to be a very experiences PHP company and I had some nice chats with them. The biggest problem for them is, to find enough programmers to serve all the requests. They have to reject many requests because of that.

Zoli, a Microsoft employee blogged about eliberatica (1, 2) and also mentioned my presentation. He's definitely right, that my presentation was not good enough, as it was the second presentation about IT in my life and the first one in a foreign language. But as he writes also some strange comments about the other speakers, I'm not that concerned anymore about his opinion.

Thx to Andrei Maxim: You made a nice picture of me. Normally I hate, how I look on pictures, but I think I'll use this one.

Mihai Dumitrescu from RoSoftLab showed me his Code Generator and his ideas about a Document Management System. Hope to meet you again soon!

Mr. Mircea-Iosif Neamtu (photo) from the Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu invited me to hold a seminar with him about application development with PHP. Would be a pleasure!

Blogs until now: Alex Brie blogged live from eliberatica. Lucian Savluc, Georg Greve, Liviu Damian

Photos from Stefan Bucur, Aurelian

The Company Aplix works on making their ERP solution open source and we want to stay in contact for this issue.

Alina Mierlus (Blog) presented the Open Source Challenge for Romanians. I want to post a project proposal today for a user preferences management system that would be part of a groupware based on the eZ Components. With 21 years, Alina is the main organizer of OSCAR!

Nicolaie Constantinescu gave me his card and asked me to look at Will do that soon.

If you blog about eliberatica, please be so kind to make a trackback to this post so that I know about your post!

Did I forget anybody or anything? Then I beg your pardon and please remind me!

Update More reactions:

Filip Cherecheş-Toşa, Bogdan Manolea, Mihaly Bako, Jim Willis, Bogdan Bezuz. Marius Rugan, Simionica Ovidiu, Aurelian Oancea, Mihai Gheza, Ionut Popa