Thomas Koch

Timeline of PHP quality assurance tools

I'll be giving a talk on PHP quality assurance tools next week at the gearconf in Düsseldorf. The event is focused on team collaboration and most of the audience will come from other languages then PHP. Since I'm not a contributor to any QA tool I'll center around the user perspective and the process of establishing these tools in a small to middle web company like YMC.
As an outline for the first part I thought to give an historical view on QA in PHP and therefor made a timeline of PHP QA milestones: Continue reading "Timeline of PHP quality assurance tools"

PHPUnit Testrunner for Lazy folks

My PHPUnit Testrunner must meet the following requirements:

- add Class Repositories to the eZ Components autoloader
- instantiate a Database connection
- make my living easier

I took the testrunner from the eZ Components SVN and added another option for
autoloads that are directly passed to ezcBase::addClassRepository. Continue reading "PHPUnit Testrunner for Lazy folks"